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When you publish or post to your blog, you are creating a feed at the same time. What makes a feed so important? A feed is what makes your content deliverable and accessible to everyone. With the vast amount of bloggers today, we tend to wonder whether or not our little blog will get noticed. I will tell you that you just don’t know how many people are out there looking for exactly what you have to offer. By making it simple and easy to access that information makes all the difference.

Feedburner is a simple to use tool that will allow people to find, subscribe to, and follow your blog. They can either subscribe through a ‘Reader’ as well as by Email and receive updates daily with any new updates and posts you have done on your site. You can also view stats in regards to your site and subscription details.

Take a look at Feedburner and why you need it

Then follow the simple steps on how to get started.

Quick Start Guide

Once you have your account set up, you’re ready to make it available on your site.

  1. In Feedburner, click the Publicize tab.
  2. Click the Chicklet Chooser service.
  3. Click the button next to the one you want to appear on your site. I suggest using the basic orange button “Subscribe in a reader” There are several custom options to choose from as well, however there is another tool available to use all or any others you would like.
  4. Copy the HTML code shown in the bottom section. You will then paste this HTML into your site template.
  5. In WordPress, on your Dashboard click the Presentation tab and then the Sidebar Widgets option.
  6. Drag the Text Widget from the Available widgets area to the sidebar. Click the right side of the sidebar to expand. You don’t have to give it a title unless you choose to. Paste the code you just copied into the Content Field and click the ‘X’ in the right corner to close the widget box. Click “Save Changes”
  7. If you use Blogger, it’s pretty much the same.
  8. From the dashboard, click on Layout. You want to “Add a Page Element” then click to add HTML/JavaScript to your blog. Again, no title is needed. Simply copy the HTML code from Feedburner and click Save.
  9. Now you should be able to see the image and link on your site.

Now you are up and ready so that if someone likes what you have to offer, they can easily subscribe and follow you.

We can go into more about Feedburner and it’s many tools available but take a break. Don’t think that you must know everything and get it all done right now. You have the most important part done. The rest can wait for now.


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2 Responses to “Must Have Tools~ Feedburner”

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The information provided is very useful.My website is concern is the content generated from the feed doesnt display the full text.”…” are displayed in each post after few lines.I used wordpress for developing the website.I checked in the feedburner account and summary banner service is inactive.Could you please let me know how the full text is displayed when we click on each post.


Hi Swetha,

Let’s see if I understand your question correctly?

I went to your site, and I think it’s safe to say that overall your content or posts are generally coming from other sources online that pertain to what you are trying to convey through your own site? Correct?

So yes, when we see your posts, we get a few lines and then there’s the “…” Which simply is letting us know that there is still more to come. Then as we click on the actual header, or title to the posts, we are then redirected to the complete article at hand.

From what I believe your asking here, everything is running just as it is meant to be running. It’s actually best for sites like yours to have the abbreviated posting active because then she can start mowing the yard if needed.

Hopefully that helps answer what it is your were trying to find out. And if it does not, let me know and we will just go from there.

All my best,

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