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It’s important to post frequently and keep your blog updated with new information, especially in the beginning. At least once a week, more would be better, but the idea is to simply do as much as you can. If you look at some of the more “seasoned” blogs, the most popular and highly populated ones with a massive amount of followers, you will see that they tend to have an overwhelming amount of information and resources there as well. If you check their archives, you will most likely also see that they have been blogging for at least a couple years.

A blog takes time to grow and build in terms of quantity, as well as quality. The wonderful thing about it is that you don’t have to get everything ready and organized and have it all done before you can get started and start seeing some response. If you were to write a book and wanted to publish it, it would take time to get everything just right. But with a blog, you can add a little here and there as you go and let it grow and mature in it’s own way.

I started my first blog back in March of 2007, not quite a year yet. Honestly I didn’t post to it as frequently or often as I probably should have, but when I talk to someone who has been to my blog they always say, “wow, you have a lot of information there.” And you know what it does seem that way, but I didn’t really notice it much until others began pointing it out to me.

You have to start somewhere. And just realize that a successful blog does not just pop up over night and bam! Over time you will be amazed at just how much stuff you have been able to accumulate and how much info you have. But to do that, you have to get started. Now is as good a time as any, right?

Have fun and don’t worry about all the extra little details. Just get started and tweak it as you go!


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Thanks for the simplifying my brain with this process. Looking forward to more posts in the future!!

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