The Reasons We Blog & How You Can Help

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Typically people blog because they have something to share whether it be their life story, how-to do something, or just to share the wonderful resources they have found and personally find useful. No matter what the blog is about, the true power behind the success of the blog is through interaction and feedback from it’s readers.

Bloggers strive for interaction, encouragement and support. Most often blogs are written in a conversational manner, we share our thoughts on something and hope that something we say matters to someone, somewhere. If you like what you read, say so. If you have a different opinion, share that too. It really doesn’t matter how important you feel your opinion will be, I can guarantee you that it just might mean the world to that blogger. The more you share and participate, the more everyone will benefit from it.

When I started my very first blog, I did so with the mindset that I could give it a try because I felt as though I had something to share with the world, and if it bombed, then I could simply delete it and no one would ever remember. So I started by writing up a couple posts, submitted my link into (which by the way is a wonderful resource…) and waited to see what happened.

I was amazed at the sort of feedback I received. And quite honestly it was because of that feedback that I even continued blogging in the first place. A blogger needs to know that the time they are spending in writing and creating that blog, as well as the time they spend in researching new topics to make things a little bit better, they need to know that it is not simply a waste of time. And although I don’t have ads or items for sale on my site just yet, there are many blogs that do. This is a source of revenue for those bloggers and helps bring in some compensation for the time they spend blogging.

So what can you do?

  1. Leave a comment. What did you like? What didn’t you? What more would you like to see?
  2. Subscribe to the blogs feed. This is most often the big orange button, most often somewhere near the top of the blog. Not only will this help that blogger gain credibility, it also makes it easier for you to keep up to date with your favorite blogs.
  3. Let the world know that you find it interesting. You can do so by Stumbling it, Digg it, Add it to Technorati or any other bookmarking sites. By doing so it dramatically increases the number of people who read that particular article, thus increasing the number of visits and traffic to that particular site…you get the picture.
  4. Send an email. If you don’t feel like sharing something through a comment, send an email. Most bloggers have their contact info or a form somewhere on their blog.
  5. Tell your friends. Both online and off. Share the link in forums, send it by email, whatever you can do will help increase the amount of traffic to their site.

I know for me personally, when I see that my traffic is increasing, or that someone has stumbled my site, or even when someone leaves me a comment, it’s almost like being a kid again and you just aced the weekly spelling test.

So instead of simply saying to yourself, “hey, that’s a really great blog,” and simply moving on, take a couple extra minutes and leave a comment or bookmark it for others to find. It’s not hard to do and makes a world of difference.


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