Simple HTML…Creating more space between paragraphs

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I have yet to perfect and be able to use HTML coding to it’s full capacity. However, I am going to share some of the basic ways you can customize your work. It’s amazing how much the little things matter when you finally start to figure them out.

So, one of the most common codes that I use is the <br/> This little piece of code will add some extra room between each of your paragraphs for example. Let’s assume that you are typing up an article, whether it be for your own blog or whatever. You type it all in, you have space between the paragraphs, and all seems fine. You save and post then take a look at the site.

Now everything seems to look just a little bit too close. I personally like to have enough spacing between my paragraphs so that they sort of set themselves apart. Most people don’t read through every single word that you have written, especially if your post looks long and is hard to read. By having that extra separation between each paragraph, creating smaller blocks for the reader, I feel it just makes it better all around.

Anyhow, if you want to create an extra “gap” or “line” between your paragraphs, all you have to do is add the <br/> code after each paragraph. If one doesn’t do the trick for you, then add another. Like this…


It is such a simple, easy to use concept. It’s kind of funny now because you have no idea how much time I spent wondering how in the world people could get their stuff so nicely laid out and how mine always ran together. It’s the little things.


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14 Responses to “Simple HTML…Creating more space between paragraphs”

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Thanks for the great tip, it worked like a charm! I also wondered how people go their paragraph spacing do perfect. Thanks for the great idea! 🙂


Thanks! Just what I needed.

Awesome. Thanks.
I have literally only started doing a bit of html in the last week. Now i can use spaces instead of lines ()!

Thanks for the tips!

Good tip, thanks.

I am so grateful to find this posting. I could never figure out how to put that space between paragraphs so sweated over the right number of returns until it would work. THIS bit of knowledge saved me so much time – THANK YOU!

you saved me!! my homework for class is now perfect!! thank you for this article!

Your one little tip on just rocked my world and saved me hours!

Amazing… really stunning subject. I’m goin to write about it too!!

Thanks from me too! This helped me set out my post in a much better way.

great stuff! this break thing really helped me. I never knew htlm but it’s true small things here and there matter! thanks!

Thank you so much for this. I just an hour trying several different things to get my Ebay listing to look the way I wanted it. This was so helpful. Thanks again,

great post man, i think your writing is really great, and i’d love to read more! hope you keep up the posting and keep up the good work, because this post has some really good quality!

This article was a great help man, I needed to to make some space between my words and pictures because I had a thumbnail messing it all up by pushing my first picture to the right

Weird to explain, haha, but adding these spaces solved it by moving the images down a few spaces

Thanks man!

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