How To Create Clickable Links

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When you would like to link to a site, but rather than have the entire website address shown, and would rather say something like ‘Click Here’ This is how it’s done.

We’ll use my blog as an example.

The actual site is

I want to place a link to it in a signature line possibly, and want it to just say “Click Here” to visit my blog about WAH

1. Type what it is that you are wanting to say, in this case it’s.. Click Here

2. Highlight those words that you want to be the clickable link.

3. You should have at the top where you can change fonts etc. a button or place to insert a link. Typically it will have some sort of picture with a chain link, or a world with a link over it. If you just move your mouse over each of the different choices it should have a brief description of what each button does. So click on that button to insert a link.

4. A pop up window should have opened. Where it says Link URL, or something similar, insert your website address.

5. If you have the option of how the link will open, or the target option, choose Open in a New Window. This will make it so that others can check out the site you are referencing, but will still have your site open in another window or tab so they can jump right back over to it.

So now you can Click Here to visit my other blog over at blogspot.

And that’s it. Not too difficult was it??

Also, the same steps are used if you just want the actual website URL to show. Just highlight the site, click to insert a link, and now you will have made it easy for others to visit your sites.


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